A new year has come, and it is time to sum up the old one and make Warmachine & Hordes plans for the 2017.

In 2016 I have started playing Warmachine & Hordes, my first game I had on 15th February. During this year, I have played 172 games, with W/D/L of 105/9/58 witch is I believe quite good for a beginner. I started collection from Cygnar, and I think I own most of what Cygnar has, and have lots of Mercs, a lot of Minions and some Menoth and Legion. I have started the WarRoomPL youtube channel with videos from various tournaments, and series of battle reports with commentary in English. We also have started a WMH podcast – Boxcars. All of this I plan to continue in 2017 for sure.

So to the specifics. We plan to release podcast once every 2 weeks. It is what we can manage with our tight schedules. You can expect new videos from a tournament probably once a month, because this is how often I will be able to go to tournaments. I plan to be on few big ones, so there should be some games on all levels of skill. Once a week, I will try to release one of my games with commentary. I mostly play Cygnar, but from time to time I might play Minions or other faction I own, so it will not get too boring. My target of games is minimum 150 during this year, this is on average 3 games a week, and it might be difficult to archive. I also plan to start a new series called 101 – where I will explain my view on units, tactics, and other stuff I will find interesting. This will not have any release schedule at first, I will have to see how people like it and we will go from there.

So have fun and good luck on your games!