As a co-host of Boxcars  and also pretty new Warmachine player I am obliged to put some effort into the blog 🙂

The easiest way to start with the new Year is to have some 2017 resolutions. Here it goes:

  • play at least 120 games
  • stay with Mercs for most of the season to get better knowledge of the mechanics of the faction and the game
  • due to fluff reasons play Aseth Magnus as much as possible – I just love his character in Flashpoint 🙂
  • be a part of polish WTC 2017 team
  • get into the top 3 of major tournament
  • glue together and start painting my Trollbloods models

My first test with be with our first Polish Masters Series tournament in Warsaw. With approx. 40 players and wide range of casters it will be a good test for my Ossrum/Magnus2 combo. To follow up this experience, I will go with the same pair in ADR format to SmogCon in Feb.2017 in UK. Next is Berlin’s famous GobberCrown tournament in March they I will also attend.

As You can see I got pretty tight schedule, but I will try to post some more info on this blog, with my insight into the Mercs meta in Poland.
Next instalment will include my lists and some dojo behind them.

Rafal vel Krawat