Hello All,

Like I said I am currently looking for a pair for Denny1 GF list. Currently its my Skarre1 list posted earlier but I see some problems that I can encounter. Main one would be rought terrain as I dont have access to pathfinder except on Kraken and stalkers. So If my opponent has some kind of difficult terrain tech like spells or attacks that make rough terrain I may have a problem with proper alpha strike. Especially I look at COrboros and some Khador builds.

The easiest solution would be to wait for a bane theme force as all banes have ghostly build-in so I dont have to worry about it. On the other hand bane theme force dont have any shieldguards so I won’t be solving problems that are created by Denny1 GF nemezis.

So I am looking for a caster that can offer either ghostly or mobility and has access to multiple shieldguards so Infernal Machines theme. I got some ideas and will be posting them shortly.