To follow up my last post here are recaps of my first two games at Warsaw Masters

1st Game – Ossrum vs Thargosh 1 (the one that brings back a beast)

When I presented my lists my opponent decided to remove my Thexus list as he was afraid of the spam of dudes. He had Abby2/Thargosh1/Vayl2 list and I removed abby as I didn’t want to be out-threatened.

His charges list had:

  • proteus
  • slipstream beast
  • carnivean
  • typhon
  • some shooting light infantry
  • spell martyr
  • solo that could put clouds

Scenario was 2 round zones I think. I took 2nd place and have chosen the open ground so I could move all my gun bunnies. He moved forward and tried to hide his caster behind cloud. I moved slowly forward remove stealth from light infantry and with 2xarty and kell I managed to kill 3-4 dudes.

He again measured the distances and hang back a little. In mine turn I moved forward and tried to kill typhoon and sleapstream :). I managed to do the 2nd but typhoon with healing was too much to handle. He tried to spray some one my bunnies and managed to dmg 2 or 3. Without slipstream he got shorter threat ranges and really had no idea how to follow.

He caster moved forward so I decided to try CK. I put snipe on Taryn and energise my bunnies and cast Unstop- force, she shots shadow fire into beasts that cover caster. With bulldoze I jam out of any beasts that were in melee with my and put 6 shots into the caster with Kell finishing him.

Another win against Legion. I learned the hard way that most important is to remove slipstream beast and then You can try to pick their army apart one by one due to limited amount of models.