Hello again,

After some hiatus due to personal reasons and eastern holiday I am back in Action with Warmachine. At the end of February I managed to get 3rd place in Smogcon Masters winning 7 out of 8 games with Merc lists Ossrum/Magnus2/McBain.

After playing Mercs for more then a one and half year I grew the feeling I need something new to get my attention to Warmachine.

With current meta I had a feeling that Mercs will have more and more problems especially in new ST2017 and Ossrum has lost a lot of his novelty both for me and my opponents.

I had trolls on the shelves but I am still not ready to play Hordes faction, so I decided I will try out my other shelf faction – Cryx.

Boy it was cool. I started playing with Ghost fleet Denny one list and went 12-1 with it. Here is my current list

Denny 1

Stalker x1

NightWretch x2

Bonesnapper x1

Wraith Engine

3x Small revenant crew + 3 rifles (1 unit 2)

Blackbane Raiders

I decided for 3 arcnodes to get spells where are need them for sure. Denny 1 gives this list immense assassination potential and this is how I play it usually.
Now I need a 2nd list that can cover matchups that can kill Denny1 as she is the weakest link in a ghost fleet (think Kara Sloan, Caine3, Vayl2, Lilo3 etc)

I will post shorty some ideas about 2nd list – I am currently testing Goreshade2, Morty2.