Hello again,

I had a chance to play 5-6 games with my new Denny3 list. Boy they were good. After 1 game I dropped Carrion thralls and took more of McThralls and shield guards. Final version is


Skarlock 4

Leviathan 16

Leviathan 16

Deathripper 6

Wraith Engine 15

Hellslinger phantom 7

Pistol Wraith 0 (theme)

Pistol Wraith 0 (theme)

Necrotech 2

Mc Thralls + 3 Brutes 12

Mc Thralls + 2 Brutes 10

Mc Thralls + 2 Brutes 10

Necrosurgeon 4

Its CID infernal machines list. I played with new BE with 26 wounds and + 2 arm for all undead including Denny. Now unto the games:

  1. Vs Caine3 – thanks to mortality I crippled 1 side of Ashielded Hurricane in one turn and then proceeded to kill the rest of his army. At the end I lost to lucky assassination by 2 charges on Denny3 camping 4 focus
  2. Vs HR POM Errant list – with so much shooting I managed to kill 3 whole units so he only feated on Vengers that were killed later by the Leviathans at the end I CKed him
  3. Vs Khador – I killed 2 heavies fast with shooting and then cleared up the rest of Sorsha1 force of the table
  4. Vs Cryx Denny3 list – thanks to new SR2017 rules I managed to score 4 points with my incorporeal solos on flags and 2 zones and at the end I won on scenario
  5. Vs Trolls – sad game for trolls – no though, no healing, no nothing – with 2 Leviathans I killed spirits on 3 beasts on 1 turn and with Mortality he couldn’t do anything

The idea of this list was to take a caster that is hard to kill. Denny3 with Grave Wind and Engine having 17/18 def/arm is really hard to kill. Immune to KD,Stationary,fParalisys and with 7 shield guards and REPO 5 she is a monster. I really wonder if I need both skarlock and arnode. She really supplements my GF Denny1 list well. Now vacation but later I will post more of battle reports.