Hi all,

Sorry for the long hiatus but 3 week vacation and a lot of work doesnt help playing games. Still I am back. Next few posts will be about Iron Moot 2017 that I have attended.

Before the IM I had a pair GF Denny1 and IM Denny3. Was good pair and I thought it will be my WTC pair for sure. And then finally Dark Host dropped. This changed everything. When I looked at my pair it seemed that both of my list had lack of magical shooting. As Denny3 was more shooting oriented with McThralls doing a screen I may had a problem with some stealth builds and POM/Legion.

In the meantime some first Dark Host results dropped and I saw the list that I thought would be cool to use – it was Skarre1 DH by Brandon Andrews. He was L&L masters with that so I decided to test it out before IM2017.

The list was




2x Wraith Engine

Bane Warriors + UA

Bane Knights



The problem was that I have no 2nd Wraith Engine. So I tweaked the list and added 2nd unit of knights. So my main pair was Denny1 GF/ Skarre1 DH. I also had to prepare a pair for Champions format but this I will describe in my 2nd post soon :).