Hello back :).

Many things have happened (Smogcon :D) so I had little time to fill up my blog. Anyways to finish what I started I am going to make brief summary of remaining 4 games at Warsaw Masters

Game 2.

Against ROS with Kaelyssa with unit of Halberdiers and unit of Sentinels a colossal and 1 or 2 additional jacks. My opponent removed Ossrum so I decided to play Thexus. Scenario was 3 flags I think. I took second to have good spot to hide Thexus behind a wall.  Anyways we both run first turn. His second turn he minifeated both with Halbs and Sentinels and prepared for assault next turn. In response I feated with Thexus and bunched up all the infantry together and then I put some drudges and overlords for sprays and explosions. After the view cleared he got left standing 1 halb and 2 sentinels and a colossal :). After that he conceded. To defend my opponent he never played against cephalyx  so even thou I have explained what they can do he was still not prepared. Onto game 3.

Game 3

Against CoG with Syntherion theme force with colossal and TEP and some assorted jacks + many free countercharging drones. He went first and moved forward. I did the same and send my croes on flanking manoeuvre. My army was spread out as he had 2 jacks with AoE4 mortars. In his 2nd turn he got extremely lucky and with 1 devation on hotshoted AoE4 from Monitor he killed 2 unit leaders of drudges units and an overlord. He was extremely lucky as he had to roll 1 on the devotion followed by 6 on distance and he managed to do this. Then he rolled 3 times approx 14 on dice and finished them off 🙁 Great start. I was down so I decided that I am going to loose on attrition anyway so its time for some crazy assassination. He had 8 shield guarding drones around Syntherion so it was going to be a hard time. Alas I went for it and managed to clear all drones and TK syntherion back to me with 0 focus. Now I had 4 croes and 3 overlords to ranged kill him. So croes were doing approx 3-4 dmg per model plus 3 sprays 1-2 dmg per model. With any spikes I could have done it. Still I got unlycky and 1 croe missed boosted 6 and one overlord missed normal 4 :(. Next turn I got CKed as Thexus was up front to do all those things.
My opponent was not aware of the threat ranges of Cephalyx so I had a decent chance to win still no luck this time.

Game 4

Against Caine2 with Stormwall and 2x lances and some solos. Scenario 2 big rectangular zones. He committed early with Lances and I managed to attrition them hard so at the end it was only Stormwall and Caine against most of my army and I managed to get solid scenario win. My drudges and risen have blocked colossal so much that he didn’t manage to move almost at all and was grounded in mid board.

Game 5

Against Polish Masters Champion from last year and Una2 before nerf :D. He had 5-6 griffons, storm raptor (Yay), character wolfsworn unit and 2 unit and manekins and some solos. We played recon and I made fatal mistake and decided to go first. Afterwards he explained to me that with my amount of bodies It was wiser to clear the zone end of turn 2 by me and start scoring. I thought that going first will deny some board presence for the Una2 but she is fast enough not to care. Anyways he managed to get fast 2 point bottom of 2 and in round 3 when I was still unpacking my army he feated and jammed me hard and destroyed the objective to get to 3. I was prepared for that with my positioning and managed to explode approx 7 drudges to kill all but 1 griffon. Besides my instigated warden but much dmg into stormraptor. I also flooded the zone with models. He had left 1/3 of stormraptor ,1 griffon and wolfsworn. The wolfsworn managed to kill a lot of stuff and almost cleared the zone with help of stormraptor. It was all to Una to push the warden out of the zone and score final 2 points. He forgot that I got aggressive reaction so when he pushed me out and dmg I just run back to him :). Still he had one last shot at warden with 3-4 boxes and managed to kill it with last spray from manekin rolling boosted  13 🙂

Finally I wend 3:2 to but feeling pretty ok. Next big tournament will be Smogcon :).