Hello Again,

Like I said I will post my lists for master tournament in Warsaw. The rules are tricky, You take 3 lists but You opponent will remove one and You do the same so, both are left with normal 2 lists choice.

My lists are

  • Gen. Ossrum
  • 7x Gunbunny
  • 1x Spraybunny
  • 2x Horgenhold Arty
  • 2x Small Horgenhold forge guard
  • Taryn De La Rovisi
  • Anastasia Di Bray
  • Eiryss2
  • Kell Bailoch


  • Magnus2
  • Galleon
  • 2xTalon
  • Gallant
  • Rorsh and Brine
  • 2x Kayazy Elimantors
  • Harlan Versh
  • 2x Gobber Tinker


  • Exulon Thexus
  • 2xWarden
  • Wrecker
  • Big unit of Mind Benders
  • 2x small unit of Mind Benders
  • small unit of Mind Slavers
  • 2x Overlords for free
  • Dominated Alexia1
  • Dominated Croes Cutthroats (full unit)
  • 3x Agitator


I expect that mine Ossrum list will be removed mostly 🙂 so I intend to play mainly with Magnus with some Thexus additions.

Next time I post results and review of the tournament.